Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you pretending to be a dragon? What's the point?

Khamira is the oldest of my Original Characters and I'm very attached to her.

She's a representation of me, an answer to the question of "What would you be if you weren't a human - no rules, no boundaries". A personal mascot of some sorts.

The deal with Personal Characters is that you don't have many places to utilize them. Avatars, some artwork, but anything else?

Also, my problem as a content creator is that, in my longer than people assume life, I've tried many, more and too much things. From programming, music composing and drawing, to webdesign, gardening and paleontology. Doing that broadens your experience as a living being, but it's hard to find your niche. Everything is fun and cool and worth sharing, you can't decide on one and only thing to do.

Khamira resolves both of those issues - "becoming" my character gives her maximum exposure to everything art and creation centered - role-playing, arts, stories, she just starts functioning as a living and breathing character.

Also, your perspective as a content creator switches from "Doing many things and none at the same time" to "Green Bean trying new things, doing stuff and sharing thoughts".

Also it's easier to remember unique and colorful characters. Just ask someone about "that game with male white 30yo brown haired protagonist" and wait for title as the response.

The ask about "that game with blue hedgehog that runs too fast" πŸ˜„

Being a Virtual Influencer means that your private life is somewhat protected from sometimes unwanted attention. It helps to unattach yourself mentally from potential dramas, cause your character is the one being attacked, not you as a person.

Also, with silly role-playing you can withdraw from many otherwise hard or awkward social situations.

And I don't need to wear makeup - my scales and feathers are always perfect 😎


Are you a Furry?

Depends on the definition. Anthropomorphism is a broad term and refers to more than giving human body proportions to an animal. Sometimes it means giving inhuman entities human emotions, reasoning or thoughts.

So, think more "Lion King" than "Zootopia".

I joined Furry Fandom after few years of convergently evolving many things with the community, and joining and meeting same minded people is fun! Much easier than explaining to normies what is the deal with that green lizard πŸ˜‰

Where did you get the idea for all that bullshit you are doing?

Funny enough, if you step outside your teeny tiny judgemental normie bubble, you'll find that there are hundred thousands people doing similar or even the same thing:

  • Gura is a Virtual Youtuber, she's a Shark Girl who plays video games and has more views and subscribers that you and your momma will ever have. Yeah she's not real.

  • There was a dude who was very creative and also had his personal mascot and his company is using it to this day. Assuming that they've bought Marvel Studios I think they know what are they doing.

  • Fursuit is a common idea among Furry Fandom, and, although expensive, many people have fun dressing as a big fuzzy plushie.

  • Cosplay is also a widely spread phenomenon, some people are creating costumes for their beloved anime/manga/book/game character, and some are just celebrating their own creations. Fursuiting is just basically cosplaying as your own character, which beging an animal, is best represented as a giant plushie.

  • Fursuit/costume is also a nice idea when you want to show yourself on the Internet but at the same time you want to keep your privacy. Like Pocari Roo and bazzilion other Furry Youtubers who make content in their fursuits.

So yeah, I'm awesome, and U R a judgemental normie... 😜